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Waterfront Theatre School - Part Time and Childrens' Classes


NOTE:- The student may advance further to Advanced level in all Dance genres, but this is not recommended whilst still at school, as with the pressures of school work it often creates extreme stress on the student to continue with classes at the intensity required whilst in Grades 11 and 12.
Therefore we recommend that Advanced 1 & 2, plus teaching diplomas are completed at tertiary level. ( See tertiary education course ) All examinations have International recognition and the Quality Control is monitored from the UK. Diplomas and reports are issued by the Headquarters in London. All communication regarding examinations or queries must be channelled through the College.No personal communication to the I.S.T.D. by parents or students is permitted.

Classical Ballet Primary Grade to Intermediate ISTD London
Modern Dance Primary Grade to Intermediate ISTD London
Tap Primary Grade to Intermediate ISTD London
Jazz Silver and Gold Medals ISTD London
Funk Jazz and Hip Hop Non Syllabus  
Show Work Broadway / Character Work / Musical Theatre
Contemporary Styles etc...

The Primary Syllabus has been developed by British Educationists and leading dancers to develop confidence, musical interpretation, physical co-ordination and active participation in the young child. The age group is from 5 to 7 years and dance is part of a "Primary Package".

Classes are held on Saturday mornings to include Ballet, Modern Dance and Drama. Strict guidelines are adhered to for the development of the young child in Performance Arts and teachers are carefully selected. Children are escorted by the teacher to the next class and never left unattended.