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Waterfront Theatre School - Musical Theatre

All International qualifications to Fellowship level, in both teaching and performance are through Trinity College of London. The Diploma is in the process of being converted to Degree Status through A.P.L. (Accredited Prior Learning) It is compulsory for Musical Theatre students to attend dance and drama classes in order to become “The Triple Threat” demanded by the industry. A Musical production is produced annually along with individual and group platform performances.

As with Drama, Musical Theatre students are encouraged to produce and create their own work. Students of the Junior school, as well as the Seniors, are made available for this purpose, utilising the three acting areas available in the college.

Classes Offered:

Voice Placement, Breathing Techniques, Singing Repertoire, Microphone Technique, Master Classes, Audition Technique Musical Theatre History, Sung Improvisation, Choral Work Harmony, Musical Theatre Choreography, Theatre Crafts